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A Couple of Months On

April 15, 2012

So, a couple of months on from creating my blog, we’re still awaiting insightful ramblings of any description. The truth is, whilst I love the concept of writing a blog as a means of blurting out thoughts and feelings for the world to see, if they’re (un)lucky enough to stumble the right way, I rarely have time enough to arrange them in my head let alone put finger to keyboard.

I feel that this little corner of the internet is lacking a bit of focus, which I suppose is in it’s very nature as a tool for externalising thought. Nonetheless, I shall soldier on with this particular post.

As I continue through Q4 of my Internship at Microsoft I’m starting to focus more and more on what lies in store for the next year or so of life, the dreaded Dissertation and final exams back down in Portsmouth. I’m now in the weird position of having two very different areas of research to consider, having had a sudden brainwave on my way home from work last Friday.

So the question is this – do I focus on cultural shifts in China or the impact of Mobile/Tablet Applications on digital advertising? A key consideration for me is the viability of carrying out the research whilst at Microsoft, and I think both are possibilities, but more importantly which would interest me most?! I’m in two minds on that one. Both are very ‘current’ subjects and of great relevance to my Business Studies pathway in different ways, I do wonder if there may be a bit of a lack of existing research on the latter though.

Looks like I have some reading to do…

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